Nanci K Hogan

Do you want to change the world?

Helping aspiring Philanthropists design and implement their dream social transformation initiative

Imagine a world where every person has the freedom and ability to flourish and grow into their full potential.

I coach, train, mentor and equip potential world changers


Do you need help making a difference?

Women who want to create a legacy

You are facing a major life transition or crisis and you want to find meaning and purpose by discovering and creating your unique legacy.

Through personalised coaching, you’ll get the guidance, mentorship, and training you need , helping you overcome confusion and paralysis and achieve clarity.

Together, we will develop a bespoke social impact project that brings personal fulfillment and enables you, and others to flourish.

International Nongovernmental Organisations

I offer consultancy services to established international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) with a turnover of $1 million USD or more.

Minimize your time and costs while maximizing the organisation’s chances of making a greater impact by addressing root causes of injustice (working upstream).

I specialise in guiding and project managing INGOs through the two-year application process for obtaining ECOSOC status at the UN.

Charities who want to grow

I provide executive coaching services to leaders, founders and trustees of charities, both small and larger organisations, who are seeking to scale up and increase their impact through capacity building.

With a focus on leadership development, you will become more creative, effective, and transformative leaders. Address leadership issues, enhance your effectiveness, and foster the growth of your teams with coaching tailored to you, enabling capacity building initiatives.

Drawing from years of experience coaching charity leaders, I will guide your journey towards achieving greater success, making a lasting difference, and building organisational capacity.

Dear World Changer, I see you

You dream of being a world changer.
You are a person with high aspirations and a deep and overflowing treasure chest of talents and abilities.
You dream of leaving a lasting positive legacy in the world.
You want your life to have meaning and purpose.
You know you were put on this earth for a reason.
You want to leave a legacy of social impact in a world that is groaning for liberation. Not only that, but you also have the gifts, strengths, experiences, and abilities to make a genuine positive difference in the world.
You want to mobilize a revolution of transformation in the lives of people whose suffering ignites anger, love, and compassion in you.
You chaff against the status quo, and you know deep within your heart that sustainable, transformative change is possible.
You are a person of action.

It is time to finally stop the exhausting frantic activity and listen to the deep wisdom of your soul.

It is possible to learn how to co-create soulscapes of joyful revolutions of flourishing for yourself and for others.

My Invitation to you, dear , highly gifted Maverick, is to

Hear from World Changers I've helped

Nanci helped draw out of me what was my core values and ideas that were most precious to me and helped me see how these fitted together. She also helped me see which of these important strands were still missing from my work and from my ideas for study and future direction. During our sessions together I became increasingly clear about what my core values were and how I might draw them together in my work and study. Along with certain circumstances that happened along the way, I found that things began to converge and the fog began to clear.

If you are looking for transformation in your life. If you are searching to unlock all your potential, then I highly recommend you consult with Nanci Hogan. I have had the privilege and honor of going through 2 coaching sessions with Nanci. The first one was singular: a one-on-one book study of the Artists’ Way. The second was in a group setting: another book study: It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. I found both settings incredibly helpful and insightful. Working with another person to clarify both my personal and professional goals was invaluable. It helped me hone in on

Nanci worked very closely with our team over several months to advise and coordinate an application involving the whole organisation. Thanks to Nanci’s expertise, knowledge and direction, we were able to have fruitful conversations to understand our identify better as an organisation. Nanci’s contribution will inevitably open many doors for us going

Nanci is an accomplished expert in the UN and other international human rights institutions and processes among many other skills. Working with her is a true

When we were starting to figure out how to begin our accreditation process as an NGO in the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Nanci was the one that we turned to for expertise and guidance. Her experience and professional acumen helped us get our application together on a timeline that we could have never done on our own. I highly commend Nanci’s consulting

Nanci is a really smart cookie with an impressive ability to deal with difficult and complex situations in a calm and reassuring manner, proving herself to be flexible and resilient in the face of change and challenge. Nanci clearly has a passion for the wellbeing and protection of women and children, which is commendable. Nanci would be a great asset to any

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