Nanci K Hogan

Do you want to change the world?

Helping aspiring Philanthropists design and implement their dream social transformation initiative

Imagine a world where every person has the freedom and ability to flourish and grow into their full potential.

I coach, train, mentor and equip potential world changers


Dear World Changer, I see you

You dream of being a world changer.
You are a person with high aspirations and a deep and overflowing treasure chest of talents and abilities.
You dream of leaving a lasting positive legacy in the world.
You want your life to have meaning and purpose.
You know you were put on this earth for a reason.
You want to leave a legacy of social impact in a world that is groaning for liberation. Not only that, but you also have the gifts, strengths, experiences, and abilities to make a genuine positive difference in the world.
You want to mobilize a revolution of transformation in the lives of people whose suffering ignites anger, love, and compassion in you.
You chaff against the status quo, and you know deep within your heart that sustainable, transformative change is possible.
You are a person of action.

It is time to finally stop the exhausting frantic activity and listen to the deep wisdom of your soul.

It is possible to learn how to co-create soulscapes of joyful revolutions of flourishing for yourself and for others.

My Invitation to you, dear , highly gifted Maverick, is to

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