I imagine a world where….

every woman is liberated to be a revolutionary who challenges the status quo, so that she and the world flourish.


An ethic of love

Amo volo ut sis: I love you, I will that you be.

Amor mundi.  Love for the world

Hannah Arendt

Love is the canvas, the ethos, as as well as one one of the tools, of transformation and change.  We need to shift from acting out of anger and fear to acting from an ethic of love.  It is a deep love, an act of mind and soul, as well as heart,  which recognizes and affirms the dignity, value, worth, and humanity of all human beings.  We are are not separate, but are interconnected with one another and with the world in which we live and move, and have our being.

Wise truth

The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house

Audre Lourde

The key traits which characterize wise truth and its pursuit are love, humility, curiosity, attentiveness, listening, openness and non-judgmental. 

Wise truth is:

Grounded in an ethic of love for one another and for the world. 

Deconstructing faulty and harmful beliefs, world views and systems that produce oppression, violence, death, destruction, exclusion, and inequality.

About locating and co-creating the beliefs, word views and systems that promote life, liberation, freedom, equality, and more inclusive, diverse forms of human flourishing.

Possibility focused rather than focused on problem-solving.

The tools needed to develop better thinking and reasoning skills.

Democratic and non-hierarchical.

Open ended and fluid rather than static.  Change is the only constant.

Growth oriented. 

Iterative and nonlinear.  Characterised by spirals.

Complex and systemic---not dogmatic or black and white.

Both and thinking which embraces paradoxes and polarities; not based on dualism.

About all forms of knowledge gained from body, mind, heart, and soul.

About developing wisdom and discernment as to what constitutes flourishing and what does not.

Co-creating the resources of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment that fuel imagining new ways of flourishing then actually acting to co-create these imaginations into being.


Playful Subversion

Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.

Rep. John Lewis, former American Civil Rights Leader and U.S. Congressman

This tool involves the imaginative and playful use of wit, satire, parody and acting as the devil’s advocate to expose and challenge structures of injustice embedded in the status quo.  

It is born from a place of love and abundance, not from fear and competition.

The aim of these creative acts is to disarm, undermine and expose the abuse of power by those elite institutions and people who are the gatekeepers in society.  These gatekeepers are the ones who determine who is valuable and human and who are privy to resources and who is not. 

Imagine a court jester, privy to the royal court, the seat of power, who entertains through mocking, poking fun, and jesting, whilst subtly pointing out uncomfortable truths about the abuses of the regime.

Playfully subversive acts include the following:

  1. Imaginative and creative acts of non-violence resistance. I.e.  Gandhi
  2. Prophetically speaking truth to power through the creative arts, such as comedy, poetry, fiction, painting, and music.  Many artists are prophets with a unique ability to speak truth to power through their art which can expose  the heart and soul of how power is being abused.
  3. The choice and act of living one’s best life joyfully in the face of oppression. This is a powerful act of resistance. As it's been said, "Living well is the best revenge." And as we know, it is it's own reward.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.  

Mark Twain

 Humour is  a powerful tool that we bring to the table as individual artists of social change.

It is also a collective tool.  Families and societies that can laugh together, stay together.  It is  wonderful for developing social cohesion, connection and camaraderie.

 Humour is

A choice and a conscious predisposition, as well as being a capacity and skill we can develop.

Approaching our work with joie di vivre, not with po faced seriousness

The ability to laugh and see the funny side of things in adversity and difficult situations.

Always trying to find reasons to celebrate

Celebrating the wins


Mischief making

Laughing at ourselves and our foibles and not taking ourselves too seriously

A neurologically sound practice as it frees up our brains to be more creative.

Protection from burn-out.


Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence


Imagination is at the heart and soul of creating joyful revolutions of flourishing. It is the art of envisioning the impossible, that which doesn’t exist yet, and then birthing it into being.

Every human being who ever lived, lives, or who is yet to be born, is creative and imaginative. That means you!  It is deeply encoded in our DNA. There are infinite ways for us to be imaginative and creative.  It’s a fallacy that only artists are creative and imaginative.  Look at children, they are naturally imaginative.  All too often, as we grow up this capacity often gets buried and dulled. We often feel contempt for it; we become 'realists' instead, neglecting the awe and wonder of our childhood.

 Imagination is

Born out of our deep longing for Eden

The beginning of our journey towards freedom and liberation

The power to transcend our day-to-day reality

Rebellion and a rejection of the status quo

Fuel for revolutions of flourishing. 

About envisioning and embracing the possibilities and actualities of transformation

Transformational and transcendent; it is a deep expression of our spirituality.

Playful, attentive, child-like, humble

Rooted and grounded in love, birth, and an overflow of abundance

Birthed in awe and wonder.  It involves a profound change in perspective.

Dreaming about the future and envisioning possibilities and futures that don’t yet exist.

The ability to work with the tensions inherent in paradoxes and involves combining unlikely things into something new and completely different

About seeing opportunity in the midst of chaos.

Resources for creativity and imagination include:

Dreams, stories, symbols, archetypes, and myths

Religion and culture

The past

Ideas about what constitutes the sacred, the divine (masculine and feminine), and the force which underpins the universe.

Language:  Metaphors and dreaming up new metaphors

The creative arts including painting, literature, poetry, drama, and music.

Co-creative abundance

Abundance is a fact of nature. It is a fundamental law of nature, that there is enough and it is finite….

There are no haves and have-nots. We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners; we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone.

Lynne Twist ,The Soul of Money

 The state we live in is one of abundance, not scarcity and lack.

It is grounded in love and on the foundation that every person is designed to flourish and grow.  It takes the seven principles of flourishing as given.  Link

Therefore, we do not need to endlessly compete and strive for limited resources.  Co-creative abundance recognizes that there is enough for everyone. 

It approaches life from a win-win-win perspective where it is possible for everyone to have sufficient resources to flourish.  It is not the zero-sum one of lack where if one person gains, another person loses.

Scarcity assumes that the pieces of the pie are limited.  Win-win-win increases the size of the pie through imagination, collaboration and co-creation so that everyone has sufficient resources to flourish.

We are enough and it is possible to have enough without resorting to fear, competition or greed.

Money isn’t the only thing people have to bring to the table. People have other resources they can share such as expertise, skills, passions, and sweat capital. 

Co-creative Abundance is

Holistic and systemic.  It recognizes the complexities involved in liberating people to flourish and therefore insists on the development and  application of wise truth to every situation.

Strengths-based as opposed to being problem-based.  It looks at what is already working and uses that as a basis from which to build.

Democratic.  It is centred on the contribution and amalgamation of everyone’s perspective.

About recognizing interdependence and the dynamic flow between dependence and independence. We will all require help at one time or another and at various times we are in a position to help others. 

Built on networks of relationships and partnerships

Collaboration where the  contribution of  everyone’s strengths and resources are integral to the flourishing of everyone in the community.


Dear Highly Gifted Maverick, 


I see you.

You are a person with high aspirations and a deep and overflowing treasure chest of talents and abilities.  You dream of being a world changer. 

You want your life to have meaning and purpose. You know you were put on this earth for a reason.  You want to leave a legacy of social impact in a world that is groaning for liberation.  Not only that, but you also have the gifts, strengths, experiences, and abilities to be an effective world changer.

You want to mobilize a revolution of transformation in the lives of people whose suffering ignites anger, love, and compassion in you.  You chaff against the status quo, and you know deep within your heart that sustainable, transformative change is possible. You are a person of action.

You rebel when well- meaning (and sometimes not well-meaning) colleagues, friends, and family, say things like, “It is what it is,” and “We are where we are,” in order to get you to sit down and shut up and accept things the way they are.  You scream inside, “No, they don’t have to be this way. I refuse to accept that things have to stay the way they are.” 

Maybe you feel like a misfit and like you don’t belong--like you don’t fit neatly into any boxes or categories. 

Perhaps you identify with Cassandra of ancient Greek Mythology.  Cassandra was doomed by the gods to prophesy about the future and try to warn people what was going to happen if they didn’t change their ways.  Her punishment from the gods was that although she could see the future, no one would heed her advice or listen to her warnings.  They dismissed her as being crazy.

Maybe you feel like a modern-day Cassandra, seeing the logical outcome of suffering and oppression if someone fails to initiate change and revolution in order to transform an unjust and harmful situation.  No one listens to you.  Instead they may dismiss you as being overly pessimistic and/or foolish.  However, more often than not, you’re right, and your vision of the future comes to pass.  You are tired of being gaslit so much of the time.

Also, you may be feeling paralyzed or burnt out, either by your anger at injustice or by your frustration at being rendered voiceless. 

Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the fact there are too many situations of injustice to choose from.  Or you may be overwhelmed by not knowing how or where to channel and focus your wealth of diverse talents, abilities, and energies.

 It is hard to be so visionary and see things that other people don’t see.  It’s obvious, right? 

It hurts to be so misunderstood.  Also, you may be a person whose creativity often gets squashed by people who don’t see or value all that you have to offer.  Or maybe you squander your potential contributions because you cannot focus and are running in too many directions, trying to do too many things all at once.  You don’t know where to focus and  it's exhausting.

HOWEVER, at the end of the day, you know deep inside your soul that you have great potential to make a social impact; impact which has the ability to turn into a movement that will change the world. 


This a safe place to explore, discover and unleash your onlyness---your gifts, talents, experience, strengths, passions, and your innate creativity and resourcefulness.  As you learn to flourish in the fullness and freedom of who you are, you will also learn how to think and imagine differently—with love, wisdom, humour, playful subversion, and artistry---in order to co-create abundant futures with others who are suffering from oppression.

It is time to finally stop the exhausting frantic activity and listen to the deep wisdom of your soul.  It is possible to learn how to co-create soulscapes of joyful revolutions of flourishing for yourself and for others.






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