Legacy: A terrifying ‘four-letter’ word?

What are your thoughts about legacy?

It’s terrifying to be asked what your legacy will be.  Do you freeze like a deer in the headlights?  Or do you take flight?  Or do you shrug it off, feigning contemptuous indifference, saying it doesn’t really matter, even though deep down you know it does?

For me, it’s important for my life to have had meaning and purpose.  I don’t know about you but I want to leave the world a better place for having lived here.  

In a previous post, I mentioned navigating the maze of worthy causes and trying to figure out where to invest my precious resources of time and energy.  I decided to get involved with being a digital champion for a national charity.

After being interviewed the other day, I’m even more certain this is a place I want to invest my time and energy.  Why?


It’s a small start, but there is commitment, intent and focus.

Intent and focus are the crucial bits!  I feel so happy and at peace now that I finally narrowed my focus and have a strong intention to work from. I don’t know how it will grow.  It may not be a big legacy, or my final one, but it’s where I want to invest right now.

Is there something niggling at you that you want to do in your community, a gap you might be able to fill?  Think about what your immediate intention and focus could be and commit to pursuing it.

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