Abundant Co-creation

Introducing Co-creative Abundance

Money is not the only resource that people have to bring to the table to bring about social transformation. They have other resources they can share such as expertise, skills, passions, sweat capital and knowledge born out of their own experiences.

Co-creative abundance is like bringing together a jazz band to create a transformative piece of music.  Each instrument has a contribution to make to the whole piece of music.  Each one has a voice that sings a particular melody and harmony.  At times it plays in harmony with other instruments.  At other times, the conductor points to the player of this instrument who improvises and plays an amazing solo.

The players weave their instruments’ voices together in harmony, weaving together, swirling around each other, privileging one another at different times, in order to make exquisite music. Together with the conductor, they co-create a unique sound, an imaginative work of art.

Similarly social change artists are like jazz conductors or jazz players in a jazz band, who come together to co-create imaginative and playful social transformation, a work of art that has never existed until now.

Co-creative Abundance is

  • Holistic and systemic.  It recognizes the complexities involved in liberating people to flourish and therefore insists on the development and  application of wise truth to every situation.
  • Strengths-based as opposed to being problem-based.  It looks at what is already working and uses that as a basis from which to build.
  • Democratic.  It is centred on the contribution and amalgamation of everyone’s perspective.
  • About recognizing interdependence and the dynamic flow between dependence and independence. We will all require help at one time or another and at various times we are in a position to help others.
  • Built on networks of relationships and partnerships
  • Collaboration where the  contribution of  everyone’s strengths and resources are integral to the flourishing of everyone in the community.

Here I will feature resources, including books, blogs and websites that you refer to as you seek to co-create social impact with others. Additionally, I will share stories and links to individuals and organizations who exemplify co-creative abundance through the social transformation work with which they are engaged.

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