Charities and charity leaders who want to grow

Many charities are stuck because:

Founders are good at founding things but not as good at upscaling

You need help with your organisational culture and team building.

You don’t have the frameworks in place to grow 

Charity CEOs, founders, trustees and senior managers need help upskilling  to grow as leaders themselves so they can grow their oranisations

You want to grow and do more

I provide executive coaching and cosultancy services to leaders, founders and trustees of charities, both small and larger organisations, who are seeking to scale up and increase their impact through capacity building.

With a focus on leadership development, you will become more creative, effective, and transformative leaders. Address leadership issues, enhance your effectiveness, and foster the growth of your teams with coaching tailored to you, enabling capacity building initiatives.

Drawing from years of experience coaching charity leaders, I will guide your journey towards achieving greater success, making a lasting difference, and building organisational capacity.

I help you to find your way, with coaching and consultancy Services for Chief Executives, Trustees and Mid-level managers


Conduct audits and needs assessments

Conduct audits and needs assessments to identify areas for improvement.


Co-create governance and policy frameworks

Partner with you to design and implement governance and policy frameworks that will facilitate scaling up and growth.


Provide expertise on governance and compliance.

Provide expertise in governance, risk management, team building, organisational culture, and health.

Why choose me?

Given my expertise, I can bring you strategic clarity and save you time and money, allowing your work to become sustainable and transformational. As you can see below my expertise,  experience and approach is multi-cultural, multi-sectoral and trans-discipinary.

Since 2017, I have worked as an Executive Coach for Charity Chief Executives, senior and mid-level manager in a wide variety of settings, both nationally and internationally for people working in 20 different countries in 6 continents.

Additionally, I have worked in the charitable sector myself for more than 30 years as Chair of the Board of Trustees, trustee, CEO, trainer, and volunteer.

From my public sector experience as well as my charity board level experience, I’m an expert in strategy, risk management, compliance, governance and dealing with HR matters.

For four years I was the Milton Keynes Chair of ella forums a nonprofit organisation dedicated to building leadership and capacity in the UK charitable sector.

How can we collaborate?

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to explore how I can help your organisation achieve its social impact goals.

Following the consultation, I will create a customized proposal for audits, needs assessments, and consultancy services.

Consultation fees will be determined through negotiation, based on the scope and duration of the agreed-upon work.

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