Creativity and Imagination

Why creativity and imagination?

Imagination is at the heart and soul of creating joyful revolutions of flourishing. It is the art of envisioning the impossible, that which doesn’t exist yet, and then birthing it into being.

Every human being who ever lived, lives, or who is yet to be born, is creative and imaginative. That means you!

It is deeply encoded in our DNA. There are infinite ways for us to be imaginative and creative.

It is a fallacy that only artists are creative and imaginative.  Look at children, they are naturally imaginative.  All too often, as we grow up this capacity often gets buried and dulled. We often feel contempt for it; we become ‘realists’ instead, neglecting the awe and wonder of our childhood.  

Imagination is . . .

  • Born out of our deep longing for Eden
  • The beginning of our journey towards freedom and liberation
  • The power to transcend our day-to-day reality
  • Rebellion and a rejection of the status quo
  • Fuel for revolutions of flourishing.
  • About envisioning and embracing the possibilities and actualities of transformation
  • Transformational and transcendent; it is a deep expression of our spirituality.
  • Playful, attentive, child-like, humble
  • Rooted and grounded in love, birth, and an overflow of abundance
  • Birthed in awe and wonder. It involves a profound change in perspective.
  • Dreaming about the future and envisioning possibilities and futures that don’t yet exist.
  • The ability to work with the tensions inherent in paradoxes and involves combining unlikely things into something new and completely different
  • About seeing opportunity in the midst of chaos.

Resources for creativity and imagination include:

  • Dreams, stories, symbols, archetypes, and myths
  • Religion and culture
  • The past
  • Ideas about what constitutes the sacred, the divine (masculine and feminine), and the force which underpins the universe.
  • Language: Metaphors and dreaming up new metaphors
  • The creative arts including painting, literature, poetry, drama, and music.

Creativity and imagination are fueled by wonder and awe and co-creative abundance.

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