Women who want to create a legacy

You're facing a major crisis, or maybe a life transition



Empty Nest

Great resignation

Quiet qutting

Career dissatisfaction

You want to leave a legacy, make a difference, make an impact, but you are confused and overwhelmed by what to do next

I catalyse women facing major life transitions or crises to find meaning and purpose by discovering and creating their unique legacy.

Through personalised coaching, you’ll get the guidance, mentorship, and training you need , helping you overcome confusion and paralysis and achieve clarity.

Together, we will develop a bespoke social impact project that brings personal fulfillment and enables you, and others to flourish.

The issues are overwhelming and numerous as well. I call this too many notes!

I help you to find your way through the maze of confusion through offering a three-phase process.

Step 1.


Discovery your onlyness

Discover the issue in your community or elsewhere that you want to do something about that will leave an impact — your legacy.

Identify a project that is in alignment with your own mission, vision, values and purpose as well as other resources besides money, including creativity, experiences, strengths

Stage 2 .

Develop a Flourishing Mindset

Make the paradigm shifts you need to make so that your projects are:

  • Transformative—genuinely lead to your own flourishing as well as the flourishing of the beneficiaries you want to help.
  • Sustainable
  • Collaborative (cocreation, networking and partnering)
  • Ethical
  • Creativity, imagination and humour

Step 3.

Develop an action plan

  1. Research, especially community development research and appreciative enquiry methodologies
  2. Turning research into strategy by brainstorming 100 strategies
  3. Deciding 3-5 objectives
  4. Prioritising 5 key activities —one for each objective
  5. Designing and implementing your  action plan

How do we do this together?

Clarity Programme

1:1 VIP day (four hours) with 3 one hour follow-up sessions.

In one day I guide you through the whole three day process. You will have to do some homework in preparation for the day but this makes the day  bespoke to you.

Each follow up session is to follow up on homework I will assign for each phase of the project that you have to complete.

By the end of this process, you will produce an action plan.

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