Do you need help making a difference?

Women who want to create a legacy

You are facing a major life transition or crisis and you want to find meaning and purpose by discovering and creating your unique legacy.

Through personalised coaching, you’ll get the guidance, mentorship, and training you need , helping you overcome confusion and paralysis and achieve clarity.

Together, we will develop a bespoke social impact project that brings personal fulfillment and enables you, and others to flourish.

International Nongovernmental Organisations

I offer consultancy services to established international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) with a turnover of $1 million USD or more.

Minimize your time and costs while maximizing the organisation’s chances of making a greater impact by addressing root causes of injustice (working upstream).

I specialise in guiding and project managing INGOs through the two-year application process for obtaining ECOSOC status at the UN.

Charities who want to grow

I provide executive coaching services to leaders, founders and trustees of charities, both small and larger organisations, who are seeking to scale up and increase their impact through capacity building.

With a focus on leadership development, you will become more creative, effective, and transformative leaders. Address leadership issues, enhance your effectiveness, and foster the growth of your teams with coaching tailored to you, enabling capacity building initiatives.

Drawing from years of experience coaching charity leaders, I will guide your journey towards achieving greater success, making a lasting difference, and building organisational capacity.

3 steps to unleashing your social impact

Inspiring revolutions of flourishing through creativity and play,

Come join me for a VIP Day, a one-day experience where you can delve deep, gain clarity, and formulate an action plan.
Treat yourself to a time away from the busyness of your life to reflect and play so that you begin to unleash your own creativity. It’s a unique opportunity to listen to the wisdom and longing of your inner self, a self that is longing to imagine and create a different world.

Clarity call for 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching or Course

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