Pam, A professional educator in her mid 50’s who has worked internationally in North Africa )

Nanci helped draw out of me what was my core values and ideas that were most precious to me and helped me see how these fitted together. She also helped me see which of these important strands were still missing from my work and from my ideas for study and future direction. During our sessions together I became increasingly clear about what my core values were and how I might draw them together in my work and study.

Along with certain circumstances that happened along the way, I found that things began to converge and the fog began to clear. I was more sure of who I was, of what I was doing, and of where I needed to head.

Our sessions together led me to a place of much more clarity and also made me feel that I was understood and known by this person who had so patiently listened to me sharing my heart and offloading my confusion. I felt affirmed in the things I already had just a hunch about, and the sessions helped me to have the confidence to become more fully myself.

Although our focus was probably more on the ‘outside’, the ‘doing’, and my work focus, the fact that Nanci had a good understanding of my inside, spiritual, hidden life, was also incredibly helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to work out their direction of travel, particularly if you are a spiritual person or a deep thinker and are looking for practical help that also addresses the deeper philosophical and spiritual aspects of yourself (that of course form the foundation of all that you do anyway).

I found Nanci to be an excellent listener and an astute questioner, as well as being a very friendly and affirming person to work with. Thank you!

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