Creativity is peoples’ greatest resource in making a difference in the world and everyone, whether they believe it or not, are creative. This course will help participants uncover their unique creativity and then think how to apply that creativity to actively making a difference.

Path through the woods

Modelled on the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I will be offering a 12-week programme, The Artist’s Way for Fierce Social Justice Warrior-Artists starting the week of February 16th.

The format of the course is hybrid: alternating between

  • a 90-minute bi-monthly group mentoring/coaching meeting
  • and a bi-monthly 45-minute one-to-one coaching/mentoring session me.

In between sessions, you will also be responsible for completing reflection worksheets on things like your values, your purpose, your achievements etc. These will form the basis of our group and individual discussions. They will help you on your unique journey of discovery.  When completed these worksheets will also act as a journal that will be your personal  roadmap to  how you can make your unique difference in the world.

Learn to make a difference

Throughout the three months, I will accompany and guide people who are restless and longing for their lives to have meaning, significance and to leave a legacy, on a journey to see how they uniquely can make a difference in the world that is true to them and their values; a difference, a legacy an impact that is beautiful, imaginative, unique, one that is genuinely creative and transformative.

During these three months of discovery, individuals will come to realize that they do have resources, time, the ability and the focus to make a difference. To create an intimate, joyful, fun, imaginative, safe and creative space, I am limiting participants to no more than 8 people.

This course flows from my basic philosophy that philanthropy is for everyone and that everyone’s life makes an impact whether they’re aware of it or not, for good or bad. Part of what it means to flourish is to be altruistic and give back in some way. This course will help people focus on how they can focus so they can consciously make an impact for good.

Individuals will benefit from the hybrid group and 1:1 format—groups being a place to co-create and benefit from the wisdom and insight of others in a similar situation.

Come and discover how to make a difference

  • 3 Months of tuition
  • 1 – 1 mentoring with Nanci
  • Meet people like you and join together to make a difference
  • Small Group size

all for £500 including VAT , starting Feb 16th

For more information about this, or any of my other coaching services and programmes, you can book a free 30-minute clarity session

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