3 steps to creating your legacy

Inspiring revolutions of flourishing through creativity and play,

Come join me for a Clarity Day, a one-day experience where you can delve deep, gain clarity, and formulate an action plan.
Treat yourself to a time away from the busyness of your life to reflect and play so that you begin to unleash your own creativity. It’s a unique opportunity to listen to the wisdom and longing of your inner self, a self that is longing to imagine and create a different world.

It's time to join the revolution and create and implement your dream legacy venture


Exploring where you are at now

 Are you languishing or are you flourishing? Are you restless, but don’t know what to do? Here’s a chance to explore everything that motivates you as well as what holds you What are your unique passions, gifts, talents, and experiences? There is only one you. You can make a difference in the world just by being you, doing the things you’re good at and that you love. We will explore what gives you life and joy?

After this session you will begin to develop clarity and insight into how you can make a social impact. You are feeling inspired and hopeful.


Soul Storming

Unleash your creativity and play. This is a time for blue sky thinking without restriction. It’s a time to play with possibilities and not allow your censor (we all have them!) to drown them out, with the yes, but….. This is a time to dream big and turn those whispers of your soul into a broader vision.

Your excitement at the many possibilities as grown as you discover a multiplicity of ways that you, being you, can make a difference in the world on a complex issue of social injustice that is important to you. Your creativity and imagination are flowing.


Exploring possible paths for action.

Together we will co-create an action plan.  I will help you identify, choose, and prioritise some possible action steps.  Then, we’ll delve into where more exploration and research may be required. Finally, and most importantly, you will then have time to reflect on everything we’ve done and how you feel about the way forward.

You are now feeling liberated to unleash you! You will no longer be feeling stuck or paralyzed. You are now unblocked and able to take some forward action towards realising your vision. You have concrete action steps to begin mapping out your path.

Know there is more to life. If you have learned anything from the Pandemic it is that life is too short to waste time doing things that don’t give you joy, i.e., meaningful work that has purpose and which makes a difference in the world.
Want to be a world-changer, but you don’t know where to start. You want to leave the world a better place than you found it. It’s important for you to leave behind a legacy of hope and transformation
Are maverick and a rebel and are completely fed up with the status quo.
Want to create change
Have had whispers of ideas that have been percolating in the back of your mind for a long time.
May have thought about adding a social project to your existing business. Maybe you want to start a foundation or start a community project. But these ideas are all muddled up, jumbled, and confused. You have never really had a chance to reflect and when you do, your mind goes around the same loops repeatedly, keeping you paralyzed and stuck in inaction.
Continually doubt yourself asking, “What do I have to offer? I’m not a Malala or a Gandhi or a Martin Luther King. I’m just me, one person. What can I do?
Might be angry and exhausted and hollowed out by your anger about injustice. You feel that your anger needs a practical and constructive outlet. Perhaps you have been inspired by The Black Lives Matter or MeToo Movements. Maybe you’ve been inspired to tackle climate change, homelessness, or the many refugee crises around the world.
Perhaps even have become a keyboard warrior on Twitter and/or Facebook but your rage only takes you so far. You’re tired and you find your posts and constant retweeting are not making a blind bit of difference. Or at least they are not having the impact you’d long to be making in the world.
Think perhaps that the only way to make a difference is to be an activist. The only examples of activists you know of are demonstrators and protestors and that’s just not your cup of tea. Maybe you view them as being too angry, single-minded, and miserable.
Know deep inside that there must be another, better way: One that is joyful, fun, and playfully subversive instead of being so confrontational—one that celebrates our connections and common humanity rather than dividing people into two camps: Us, the goodies, versus them, the badies. You know there is more that you could do. Things that are both loving and compassionate whilst being sustainable, and high impact.


 £795. Includes the day and three follow up 1:1 one hour coaching sessions

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