Wise Truth is . . .

  • Grounded in an ethic of love for one another and for the world.
  • Deconstructing faulty and harmful beliefs, world views and systems that produce oppression, violence, death, destruction, exclusion, and inequality.
  • About locating and co-creating the beliefs, word views and systems that promote life, liberation, freedom, equality, and more inclusive, diverse forms of human flourishing.
  • Possibility focused rather than focused on problem-solving.
  • The tools needed to develop better thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Democratic and non-hierarchical.
  • Open ended and fluid rather than static. Change is the only constant.
  • Growth oriented.
  • Iterative and nonlinear. Characterised by spirals.
  • Complex and systemic—not dogmatic or black and white.
  • Both and thinking which embraces paradoxes and polarities; not based on dualism.
  • About all forms of knowledge gained from body, mind, heart, and soul.
  • About developing wisdom and discernment as to what constitutes flourishing and what does not.
  • Co-creating the resources of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment that fuel imagining new ways of flourishing then actually acting to co-create these imaginations into being.
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