Wonder and Awe

 Inspiring creativity, imagination and spirituality through art, poetry, photography, music and stories

Why wonder and awe?

Creativity and imagination are birthed in wonder and awe. Together they form the sacred space where the transcendent resides.  Approaching life with wonder and awe helps us find meaning and purpose in our daily existence. 

 Together wonder and awe:

  • Form the place where we explore and develop our  spirituality
  • Are  state of being that allows us to access our creativity.
  • Involve approaching the world with a childlike appreciation for life.  Have you ever watched the joy young children experience as they experience things in their world for the first time?
  • Are a daily attitude with which we can approach life 
  • Are skills we can cultivate which lead to gratitude
  • Include an appreciation for beauty and a desire to create beauty wherever we go.

Inspirational paintings 

by friends and others

We can create lives that are masterpieces of unique beauty, that express the depths of our being.

On this page I will be sharing artwork, photographs, poems, and music that inspire awe and wonder---things that will inform and nourish the soul and our sense of the sacred.